Body Transformation Challenge!
6 Week Fitness Kickboxing Challenge!
October 1, 2018 - November 17th, 2018
*Space Is Limited*
*Adaptable For All Fitness Levels*
Only $129($209 Value)
Space Is Limited.
What Your Gonna Get...
6 Weeks Of Fitness Kickboxing Classes ($160 Value)
Boxing Gloves ($49 Value)
Challenge Orientation And Fitness Tips
Access To Private Facebook Group (Awesome)
Class Is Adaptable For All Fitness Levels
Possibility Of Additional Class Options If Classes Become To Large (We Want You To Have A Great Experience)
Total Value $209
For Only $129
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Join Our Fitness Challenge!
It’s time to get off the treadmill and kick some serious ass at Bochner’s Body Therapy: Fitness and Kickboxing Class

If you’re looking for an all-in-one program that increases your fat loss, enhances your flexibility, and boosts your self-confidence while giving you the ultimate in stress relief, you’ve come to the right place.

Our classes are designed to work up a sweat in a supportive and non-judgmental environment while you enjoy the benefits of kickboxing.
This whole-body workout doesn’t just burn calories and supercharge your metabolism; it also targets your core while toning your arms and legs.

Once our classes are done, you’ll be sweaty and sore – but you will feel like a whole new person! No matter what your fitness level, all are welcome to join our class and discover one of the United States’ fastest-growing fitness classes!

Our students report that not only have their energy levels increased but that they are also enjoying noticing the inches come off their waists! If you are looking to get happy, healthy, and fit while avoiding a monotonous exercise routine, then sign up to Bochner’s Body Therapy: Fitness and Kickboxing Challenge today!

Ellen Posted This On Our Facebook Page...

This is the perfect place to get in shape. I started in November and with all my medical issues, could not do a lot and felt useless, they worked with me and helped me to adapt. I couldn't do kicks and had a lot of difficulty, I almost quit because I was having such a problem doing anything. I was given a box to sit on to do punches because it was so hard to stand and then was able to do the front ball sitting down. I am improving daily after 9 months although I still use box at times but not as much, I can now stand and do side kicks, front ball kicks and the core part of the class. I feel great and owe so much to Miss Cindy, Sensei Marc for all the guidance and encouragement. Miss Meg, Miss Aleah and all the woman and men in our class cheer me on with each new achievement I make. So if you have issues come to our class we all will help you feel great and welcome you and leave feeling fantastic. I LOVE BOCHNER'S BODY THERAPY!!!!! Please come and give it a chance, you will not be disappointed. (edit for grammar only)
Your Benefits May Include:
  • Weight Loss
  •  Increase Muscle Tone 
  •  Increase Energy 
  •  De-Stressing After Work or School 
  •  Fun and Exciting Classes
  • Total Body Lesson Plans Designed For You
  •  Supportive Coaches Who Want You To Succeed 
Space Is Limited!
Body Therapy 
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A Fun Workout That Sheds Those Pounds!
We Want You To Join Our Challenge If...
  • You Are Ready To Commit To A Fitness Challenge. (Attend Classes At Least Twice Per Week)
  •  You Are Mentally Ready To Make A Positive Change In Your Life!
  •  You Are Ready To Commit To A 6 Week Challenge (At Least 2 Classes Per Week)
  •  Your Are Mentally Ready To Make A Positive Change In Your Life!
Our Friendly Fitness Community

Bethany Says...

 Body Therapy has been amazing for me. I get a good workout, but I also get to clear my mind! It's a great feeling to want to go workout. It is as hard a workout as you want and/or need it to be. If you are beginning, you simply do the modified version of the exercises; if you are looking to get your butt kicked and get into shape, you work harder. The instructors are accepting and helpful and understanding, and the best part of all is that not ONE single person there will judge you.

Aleah Says...

If you're looking for a work out thats both fun and challenging at the same time, this is the program for you! Classes are mixture of kick boxing and fitness training. Each class is different, and the positive energy and mutual support is amazing. Come check it out!

Sharron Says...

I have been attending the Kickboxing classes and love it!!! Marc & Cindy prepare an awesome class and everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. If your looking for a new workout give Bochner's a try.
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*Challenge For Former Or New Members Only*
Bochner's Body Therapy
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