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Hi, Coach Marc here... 👋

I am excited to share this new opportunity with you, because I know the positive impact it can have on your life....and let's face it, when we feel good about ourselves, everything gets better!

Maybe it's because we have energy to crush our daily goals, or maybe we just have less stress...but whatever the reason...
I Know When You Feel Better About Yourself, Everything Gets Better! 
And the best way I have found to feel good about myself is through exercise.
Now while I won't go into my whole fitness journey (because this is about you, not me), I will say my journey into fitness, started at the age of eight where I took my first martial arts class...

It continued at 13 where I learned the proper way to work out with free weights at the gym...
My fitness journey continued with two college degrees:
A Bachelors Of Kinesiology and...
A Doctorate Of Physical Therapy 
I tell you this, because I have already done the work (so you don't have too) on how exercise and the body work together and which exercises my clients needs to see RESULTS!
So what did I do with all this information (besides run a highly rated martial arts and self-defense school)?
I took all this information and created my own fitness program called Bochner's Body Therapy: Fitness Kickboxing Classes...
This powerful program is a 50 minute class that is a combination of:
✔️Martial Arts
✔️Strength Training
✔️Endurance Training
✔️Cardiovascular Training
✔️Physical Therapy
✔️Elements of Yoga
And guess what...
I've spend countless hours designing each lesson plan so each class is different (the secret to your success) and in each class is exercise options you can choose from based on your current fitness level!

Since we have classes 7 days per weeks that's a lot of lesson plans!
But since it is my passion to help is not work at all! 😃
My reward is seeing the progress our clients make and the amazing reviews we get in person and online!
For those who want to become part of this 6 week challenge...
The only thing you need to do is...
1️. Show up to class at least 2 times per week.
2. Put in the effort to make those transformations.
We will...
1. Take you through our class lesson plans and make sure you are doing everything correctly.
2. We will hold you accountable to finish our challenge.
Now, if you are not willing to commit to making a positive change then this program is not for you...
But for those individuals who are ready to make the change and trust in us to help with your fitness goals then this is the challenge you have been waiting for!
I am excited to help all our challengers reach their goals, but it is up to you to decide now if you are going to make a change or let things remain the same...
One Last Thing...
Don't let those negative thoughts (you know the ones that keep us from making progress towards our goals) stop you from doing this challenge...
I know our program can change your life for the better...I am asking you to trust me on this...
I am so confident in my program that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied! So you have nothing to lose!
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Lets Talk More About Our Program
If you’re looking for an all-in-one program that increases your fat loss, enhances your flexibility, and boosts your self-confidence while giving you the ultimate in stress relief, you’ve come to the right place.

Our classes are designed to work up a sweat in a supportive and non-judgmental environment while you enjoy the benefits of kickboxing.

This whole-body workout doesn’t just burn calories and supercharge your metabolism; it also targets your core while toning your arms and legs.

Once our classes are done, you’ll be sweaty and sore – but you will feel like a whole new person!

No matter what your fitness level, all are welcome to join our class and discover one of the United States’ fastest-growing fitness classes!

Our students report that not only have their energy levels increased but that they are also enjoying noticing the inches come off their waists! 

If you are looking to get happy, healthy, and fit while avoiding a monotonous exercise routine, then sign up to Bochner’s Body Therapy: Fitness and Kickboxing Challenge today!
"This is the perfect place to get in shape. I started in November and with all my medical issues, could not do a lot and felt useless, they worked with me and helped me to adapt"  ~Ellen
A Sneak Peak Of Our Awesome Class!
Body Therapy Session Schedule
Are You Thinking This? If You Are Stop...These Won't Get You Very Far!
I Do Not Have The Money To Spend On Fitness
This one is first for a reason! Being in the health care industry I can almost guarantee that if you do not INVEST money into your health now (preventative medicine) that you will spend MORE money trying to fix your problems later.
I Do Not Have The Time To Exercise
You need to make time to exercise - there is no way around it. You can block off 30 - 50 minutes a few times per week to exercise (even if it is not with us). The more time you spend exercising now, will most likely result in the more Quality and Quantity time you will have in your life.
I Want To Get In Better Shape Before I Start Exercising In A Group Class
I have heard this a lot in my health and fitness career. This excuse is a direct result of NOT owning where you are and ACKNOWLEDGING that things have to change. The best time to start exercising is Today. If you are new to exercising or do not know where to begin, then the best way is with a Coach!
Exercise Is Not Fun, So I Never Stick With It
You have never attended a Bochner's Body Therapy Class. ;). All joking aside, members have told us they have the a lot of fun and get ADDICTED to our classes. 
I Am Nervous People Will Make Fun Of Me Or Judge Me
Not in my studio! We all help each other become a better version of themselves. Your classmates are your TEAMMATES. We are all in this together.
I Have Injuries I Cannot Work Out
As a physical therapist, I know the IMPORTANCE of Movement. Body Therapy is designed for everyone and we are able to ADAPT our program to suit your needs. If you have the DESIRE to make TRANSFORMATIONS, we can help you.
I Do Not Want To Sign A Contract
We believe in our program - we do not have you sign a contract! We use a verbal agreement! 
Your Benefits May Include:
  • Weight Loss
  •  Increased Muscle Tone 
  •  Increased Energy 
  •  De-Stressing After Work or School 
  •  Fun and Exciting Classes
  • Total Body Lesson Plans Customized To You
  •  Supportive Coaches Who Want You To Succeed 
You Get This When You Decide To Enroll!
Please Note: We Added To Our Offer To Make It Even More Awesome! Total Value Above Is From Older Offer!

6 Weeks Of Unlimited Fitness Kickboxing Sessions ($264 Value!)

Class lessons plans designed by Dr. Marc Bochner that are created to help you have a full body workout and burn TONS of calories in 50 minutes or less! 

Your Own Boxing Gloves ($49 Value!)

Keep you hands safe while you pound the Wavemaster XXL and watch your daily stress start to melt away!

6 Weeks Of An Accountability Coach To Keep You Motivated And Answer Your Fitness Questions ($197 Value!)

Each client will be assigned an accountability coach to keep on track and keep their transformations coming - we are serious about you succeeding! 

Challenge Orientation And Fitness Tips On ($69 Value!)

Using our online university you will have access to our client orientation and awesome fitness tips!

 ***NEW***6 Minute Morning Metabolism Igniter Online Course - Est. Completion May 2019 ($79 Value!)

Workout from anywhere with Coach Marc's 6 Minute Morning Metabolism Igniter Course. Follow 1 of 4 fitness routines or mix and match them to get a workout in before work!

Fitness Chats Videos With Marc Bochner - On Going ($69 Value!)

Weekly fitness chats with Coach Marc to give you tips on how to maximize your transformations and important things you should now about fitness! Course available at

Nutritional Meal Planning And Recipes That You Can Easily Follow! ($250 Value!)

Use this recipe and meal plan guide to clean up your eating habits and become more disciplined with the food you put in your body!

Coach Marc's Interview With Nutritionist Kate ($197 Value!)

Coach Marc sits down with Kate Macinanti and discusses the importance of nutrition and how it plays a vital part in your overall health. This interview has a goldmine of information that you can use to improve your overall fitness. Available June 2019

 Access To Our Facebook Members Community Group (Awesome!)

Join our member support community on Facebook. Share in each others achievements, keep to know the other members, or just post what you ate for lunch. We are all in this together!
Let's Recap Everything You Are Going To Get!
6 Weeks Of Unlimited Fitness Kickboxing Sessions ($208 Value!)
 Your Own Boxing Gloves ($49 Value!)
 6 Weeks Of An Accountability Coach To Keep You Motivated And Answer Your Fitness Questions ($197 Value!)
Challenge Orientation And Fitness Tips On  ($69 Value!)
 ***NEW***6 Minute Morning Metabolism Igniter Online Course - Est. Completion May 2019 ($79 Value!)
Fitness Chats Videos With Marc Bochner - On Going ($69 Value!)
Nutritional Meal Planning And Recipes ($250 Value!)
 Coach Marc's Interview With Nutritionist Kate ($197 Value!) 
Access To Our Facebook Members Community Group (Awesome!)
Class Is Adaptable For All Fitness Levels (Awesome!)
Reserve Your Spot In Class Using The Schedulicity App (Download On Apple App Store Or Play Store)
Possibility Of Additional Class Options If Classes Become Too Large (We Want You To Have A Great Experience!)
Total Value: $1174!
Enroll Now For Only $197!
How Do I Get The Challenge For Free?
1. Enroll today at the current rate of $197

2. Sign up for a continuous monthly membership with us before the challenge is over and we will credit you the entire $197 towards the new membership!

This makes the challenge FREE for those who are looking to make Transformations and keep them!

We require an initial investment so our clients are invested in their transformations, we are looking for clients who are motivated to change their lives!
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ONE TIME OFFER: This premium package includes a second set of purple boxing gloves designed specifically for women, wrist wraps for added support, and an official Body Therapy T-shirt for only $67 more!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked 30 day money back guaranteed if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Secured Payment

All orders are through a very secured network. Your credit card information is not stored in anyway. We respect your privacy.
Bochner's Has Over 150+ Five Star Reviews!

Olga Says...

I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ coming to kickboxing! The work outs are fun because the instructors incorporate games to the lesson plans and/or combinations to keep you engaged.

Kari Says...

I ❤️ Bochner’s Body Therapy! What I love is that classes are designed to accomodate any fitness level. You will never get the feeling that you’re falling behind or feel left out because there are different options of exercises to choose from allowing you to “customize” your workout and apply it to your own fitness level. All members are friendly and supportive. Marc and Cindy are awesome! Their humor and personality make the classes fun. They encourage you to do your best and help you remain focused on your goals.

Jenna Says...

Body Therapy is the first workout that I actually look forward to. Marc is a great instructor and thanks to his Physical Therapy background he is extremely knowledgeable. I love the support and positive energy during class. The bag work not only makes me stronger but also provides stress relief. Also, every class is unique so it never gets dull. I highly recommend Body Therapy to people of all fitness and skill levels!

Rana Says...

Awesome kickboxing class tonight! Just what I needed. Always a blast. Marc Bochner I want a redo of that class too! Loved beating up that heavy bag tonight!

Erianah Says...

I love it . I enjoy every minute in class and the best of all is the we have fun .😍Love it😍

Antonia Says...

I recently joined Bochner's Body Therapy - Kickboxing Classes and I'm addicted!! I especially love the fact that no two classes are ever the same. It is an incredible and challenging full body workout for every level of fitness. What better way to end a stressful day than to throw some punches and kicks and get a great workout at the same time. Marc and Miss Cindy are very motivating and supportive and you can tell that they really want everyone to get an awesome workout and leave there feeling incredible. Another plus is that the classes are never over crowded, they offer a number of classes ranging from 6:30 am - 7:10 pm and no high sales pressure. I initially signed up for the 6 week challenge but I will definitely be continuing with Bochner's after the challenge is over.

Bethany Says...

 Body Therapy has been amazing for me. I get a good workout, but I also get to clear my mind! It's a great feeling to want to go workout. It is as hard a workout as you want and/or need it to be. If you are beginning, you simply do the modified version of the exercises; if you are looking to get your butt kicked and get into shape, you work harder. The instructors are accepting and helpful and understanding, and the best part of all is that not ONE single person there will judge you.

Aleah Says...

If you're looking for a work out thats both fun and challenging at the same time, this is the program for you! Classes are mixture of kick boxing and fitness training. Each class is different, and the positive energy and mutual support is amazing. Come check it out!

Sharron Says...

I have been attending the Kickboxing classes and love it!!! Marc & Cindy prepare an awesome class and everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. If your looking for a new workout give Bochner's a try.

Ellen Says...

This is the perfect place to get in shape. I started in November and with all my medical issues, could not do a lot and felt useless, they worked with me and helped me to adapt. I couldn't do kicks and had a lot of difficulty, I almost quit because I was having such a problem doing anything. I was given a box to sit on to do punches because it was so hard to stand and then was able to do the front ball sitting down. I am improving daily after 9 months although I still use box at times but not as much, I can now stand and do side kicks, front ball kicks and the core part of the class. I feel great and owe so much to Miss Cindy, Sensei Marc for all the guidance and encouragement. Miss Meg, Miss Aleah and all the woman and men in our class cheer me on with each new achievement I make. So if you have issues come to our class we all will help you feel great and welcome you and leave feeling fantastic. I LOVE BOCHNER'S BODY THERAPY!!!!! Please come and give it a chance, you will not be disappointed. (edited for grammar only)

Steph Says...

I started taking kickboxing classes years ago at a different place. I loved the intense workout and the ability to take out aggression all in one. It's a great outlet when working in the food service industry 😅.
The class I was taking soon became unaffordable and the classes were PACKED. I gave up kickboxing for a few years and then heard about Bochner's and decided to give it another shot.
They are not only affordable but the classes are much smaller and more intimate. Cindy and Marc are both awesome and will go above and beyond to help their students achieve whatever goal they have. I've been going since the end of June and feel SO much better about myself and just in general. The morning classes really set the tone for a better day. I have more energy, feel accomplished and ready to face whatever the day throws at me. Thanks guys!

Shenna Says...

It’s an awesome place!!! I never get bored of the work outs always something new. I needed something different then the something I had been doing for over a year. I had lost 42lbs on my own but I hit a wall so I knew I needed to change something. I have been going for a month now and I love it! The inches are getting smaller it’s a different mind set I have to get used to but it feels good to buy that new shirt 2 sizes smaller and it is still to big. The time is now the excuses are over!!! Let’s go

Courtney Says...

I just started taking the kickboxing classes there and they are so much fun. Each class is different and you're always challenging yourself! I like that they give you 3 different levels of exercises so if you can't do one you can do a different one. Everyone is so friendly. Marc and Cindy are really encouraging and very helpful!

Jill Says...

When I came into Bochner's Body Therapy, I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am today. After my first class I couldn't even move I was sore BUT the good sore. I got 2 free classes for being a Cranston resident. I am now on my second stamp card and just from the 2 months of joining, I already feel like I have a second family there. Marc is awesome and a great instructor. I genuinely look forward to class because when I leave I leave more confident and in better shape as well as leaving with new friends. This program has been a crucial part of my lifestyle. Thanks Marc!

Becky Says...

Love BT! It's a low pressure, encouraging, fun atmosphere with a great workout.

Cindy Says...

As a previous student of the kickboxing classes, I will tell you it is an awesome workout. Not only did I work up a sweat but I always had fun. Each class is different, we always did plenty of kickboxing but also a mix of core, arms and leg exercises and a personal challenge. It helped me focus on me, relieving my stress and made amazing friends while doing it.
Within the past year I have joined Marc and Harry as part of the instructors team! I absolutely love helping and guiding people through their lifestyle changes. As one who has always struggled with weight and being fit, it took me different workouts and changes in my life to get to where I am today. I have become an ACE certified trainer and joined Marc’s team. My goal is to continue focusing on those who want to make the commitment, in a safe, positive and fun environment!
Come down to check us out! You won’t be sorry 

Chris Says...

The classes are a great compliment to my weekly work outs. Not to mention the stress relief of hitting a punching bag as hard as you want.

Betty Says...

I started these awesome classes about 6 months ago and I love them! I was so nervous and unsure if this was something that I would even be able to do. I have to say from day 1 I have had a great experience. Right from the registration process to my very first class. Cindy made everything so easy for me which made that first class so much easier to do! All of the other participants of the classes have always been so welcoming and encouraging it’s really great and I’m glad to be part of it! Both Cindy and Marc are always there to answer any questions or to just keep you going! Every class is different and fun. I’m so glad I put my fears aside decided to try this out! I highly recommend to anyone even thinking about it! Do it you will not be sorry!

Dino Says...

Great workout for anyone kickstarting a healthy lifestyle. No gymtimidation. Everyone in the class was supportive. Marc is very involved and helps everyone with form so you do the workouts correctly. A+

Chrystal Says...

If you want to crush your goals and walk out of the door feeling accomplished then you need to go to Bochner's immediately!!! I have been kick boxing for over 2 years and this is by far the best workout I have ever had. Marc and Cindy are amazing and make everyone feel at home. Every class is different and you meet the most amazing people here. I will never go anywhere else. 

Cristina Says...

marc was extremely helpful and friendly. everyone in class helped and motivated me to keep going!

Tracie Says...

I took my first class today and it was amazing! Such a friendly atmosphere! The workout is challenging but you feel accomplished after! Thanks for a great class Marc, looking forward to the next one!

Aime Says...

A year and a half ago I decided to try kickboxing. I grew to absolutely love it! A few months ago, the place I was going to closed. I met a lot of great friends along the way. We have all been searching for our new “home.” Well I can honestly say, we found it. Marc and Cindy have a natural way to just make you feel so comfortable. It’s such a fun workout, and the hour flies by! Thank you so much, and I look forward to many more classes with you both!

Yvonne Says...

Marc and Cindy are awesome instructors they encourage you every step of the way! If you are looking to be part of a family this is the place for you!

Lauren Says...

Marc’s kickboxing classes are fantastic. Fun, effective and open to all levels. He and his staff are encouraging and helpful. Everyday he changes it up so there is no boring same old routines. Great group of people. Lots of different times to fit any schedule.

Rhiannon Says...

I love it here no cliques at all. Everyone is genuinely really awesome so far. Really down to earth.

Shirley Says...

This class is fun and the instructors and owner are very knowledgeable and care about your journey, whether it be weight loss, getting stronger or just being a better version of yourself. They care about the people who go there!

Katy Says...

I’ve been impressed since the first day I walked through the door! The facility is clean, the instructors are motivating, and everyone is super friendly! Unlike commercial facilities where you’re treated like just another number/dollar $, I never felt pressure to sign a contract or “lock in a price.” When you run a program the right way, it sells itself, and that’s exactly why I joined!
The classes are unique and fun; I actually look forward to exercising! Marc listens to his customers, adds classes when there is demand, and is always looking for ways to engage the group and share his expertise.

Michelle Says...

I LOVE Bochner’s.!! If you are looking for a fun, friendly, non judgmental place to workout, this is it! I felt welcomed and part of the “family” from day one. The workouts are fun, effective and will challenge you, but most of all, they are safe which is important to me because of knee replacements, back issues, etc. Marc has a background in Martial Arts and Physical Therapy which shows in each workout. Take a class, you’ll be hooked 🥊💪

Jenny Says...

I completed a 6 week challenge at Bochner's and I loved it! Mark and Cindy are great instructors - they are welcoming, fun, and help push you to your potential. You have a number of class times available and each class is different. They incorporate challenges, and fun workout games to each class, so you are never bored. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a welcoming, group workout that helps you build strength, stamina, and lose weight.

Christine Says...

I joined Bochner's Kickboxing classes when I saw their 6 week challenge on Facebook. I was one to never stick to any type of workout for more than 2 weeks. I was one of the tread mill troops, always hiding in the back of the gym. I was afraid to come out and use other equipment and look stupid. I walked through Bochner's Kickboxing doors with little confidence and 6 six weeks later feel like a totally different person both physically and mentally. I left that first class feeling great! I see such a difference in my body composition and my mental well being! The staff is so friendly and encouraging. Modifications are always available and they always have encouraging words that push you to finish! There is no monotony in these classes. It is always different and fun! You leave class with a great full body workout. Make the commitment and I promise that you won't be disappointed!

Karen Says...

I walked into my first class totally clueless. Marc was very friendly and welcoming. He took the time to explain each move. The people there are non judgemental and I love the classes. This is my third week. I can feel a change in my arms and I have more stamina. I love this place

Lucie Says...

Just started here and I already love it. The classes have great variety and they're the perfect length so I feel like I get a great workout without getting bored. Very welcoming and knowledge staff and fellow members are helpful and very nice. Highly recommend it!

Tracey Says...

Started here in late March If you want to get with your better self and ready for real results and body strength core changes this is the place! Stronger and definitely more fit in cardio ,seen some great changes in myself strength, mind and body...Just do it!!

Anne Says...

Not only has this been the best experience with training I have ever experienced , the staff and every person I have encountered here are friendly and energetic. Always something new in every class and the Core Blaster Class is definitely making a difference 👍

Rhonda Says...

I definitely made the BEST choice by becoming a member of Marc Bochner’s kick boxing . I couldn’t ask for a better class, one that keeps me focused and wanting to return. Marc and his Team all ROCK! If you have not taken a class here, then you are DEFINITELY MISSING OUT!

Julie Says...

I started kickboxing here about a month ago. I had hit a plateau and couldn’t move the scale no matter what I did! After a few weeks I broke through my plateau and all my clothes are falling off. All the members are friendly as well as Marc and the other trainers. Not an intimidating atmosphere at all! I encourage anyone at any level of fitness to at least try it!

Your Transformations Are One Click Away!
*New Clients Only*
Your Body Therapy Coaches

Dr. Marc Bochner

Marc Bochner has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island, and is a well-respected martial arts instructor. Bochner has successfully combined his knowledge of the Martial Arts, Physical Therapy, and Physical Fitness to create a unique, fun, and effective fitness program called Bochner's Body Therapy: Fitness Kickboxing Class! 

Cindy Howard, ACE

Cindy Howard is our main Body Therapy Kickboxing Instructor. A mother of two, Cindy started her journey of fitness in 2014 that led her to lose 50 lbs in 18 months! Cindy started as one of our kickboxing students, and is now our trainer for group classes and personal training sessions.

*Guaranteed Based On Attending 2-3x Per Week For 6 Weeks And Following Our Advice
Challenge Is For New Clients Only
Bochner's Body Therapy: Fitness Kickboxing Class 
855 Dyer Avenue  
Cranston, RI, 02920