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Our Fitness Kickboxing Class Are Designed By A Martial Artists and Physical Therapist! 
Great For All Fitness Levels!
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Ellen Says...

This is the perfect place to get in shape. I started in November and with all my medical issues, could not do alot and felt useless, they worked with me and helped me to adapt. I couldn't do kicks and had a lot of difficulty, i almost quit because i was having such a problem doing anything. I was given a box to sit on to do punches because it was so hard to stand and then was able to do the front ball sitting down. I am improving daily after 9 months although I still use box at times but not as much, I can now stand and do side kicks, front ball kicks and the core part of the class. I feel great and owe so much to Miss Cindy, Sensei Marc for all the guidance and encouragement. Miss Meg, Miss Aleah and all the woman and men in our class cheer me on with each new achievement I make. So if you have issues come to our class we all will help you feel great and welcome you and leave feeling fantastic. I LOVE BOCHNER'S BODY THERAPY!!!!! Please come and give it a chance, you will not be disappointed. (edited for grammar only)
I have been attending the Kickboxing classes and love it!!! Marc & Cindy prepare an awesome class and everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. If your looking for a new workout give Bochner's a try.
We Will Teach You Three Secrets About Fitness...
Secret #1: The One Thing You Need To Do To Lose Weight.
Secret #2: How To Make Your Workout Fun So You Want To Do It!
Secret #3: The Best Time To Start Working Out Is...
After You Apply You Will Get...

FREE Fitness Consultation And Goal Setting Session: 

You get to meet one-on-one with our certified body therapy kickboxing instructor – Cindy Howard, to discuss your goals and current exercise routine. We’ll then help you decide the best workout method for you! There will be no high pressure sales techniques used in any of our programs! You decide what works for you! ($69 Value)

Special Online Savings

Committed to your health, fitness, and wellness, we have special offers on group classes and personal training that you will only get from registering online. These special discounts are only available to new clients. 
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Real Benefits For Our Clients Include...
  • Sizzling Off Calories 
  •   Firming Those Muscles 
  •  More Energy And Motivation 
  •   Decreased Stress Levels 
  •   Supportive Friendships 
  •   Increased Happiness
  •   More Confidence
How Do We Help You Burn Those Calories?

Fitness Kickboxing

Using your punches, kicks, knees, and elbows is one of the best ways to get fit and burn off that stress at the same time! Let’s get started!

Resistance Bands

Spice up your normal exercises with resistance bands. Varying in different resistance, these bands are a SAFE and effective alternative to dumbbells. We use resistance bands to help you tone all your muscles!

Body Weight Exercise

Learn the correct way to use your own body to help you lose weight, as well as stabilize, tone, and strengthen your muscles. Our dedicated coaches are available to help you every step of the way. 

Individualized Class Lesson Plans

We want to make each class fun and challenging for all our clients. That is why all of our classes are individually designed to keep you invigorated and keep you seeing results!
5 Star Review (May 2018)
Love this place! The kickboxing classes are fun, effective and everyone is so friendly. Cindy and Marc create a welcoming environment that helps people of all levels feel comfortable. The classes are challenging but still fly by and the workouts are different every time. Definitely a great place for anyone to start or continue training!
~Shannon S.
Fitness Kickboxing Schedule
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We Know It Can Be Scary To Join A Fitness Program...And We Are Here To Make Sure Ours Is Not...
We Want To Help Everyone, But You Must Take The First Step!

The thoughts that run through our minds when we are looking to sign up for a fitness program can range from; will the instructor be nice? Will I get hurt? What if I am no good?
Let Me Tell You A Story... I've always wanted to include yoga into my fitness routine. I would occasionally look at programs both in Rhode Island and online, but I never made the decision because I was AFRAID. Here I am with 20 years of martial arts experience, I am running the top rated martial arts school in Rhode Island, a well respected Physical Therapist, I've created my own fitness program, and I have been involved in a consistent fitness routine for most of my life and I was NERVOUS to do....YOGA!

It's silly when I think back to it, all those fears (that never came true) of would I look silly, could I keep up, would they be is that same kind of fears that stop all of us from doing something that WE KNOW WILL HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT IN OUR LIVES - this is when we have to make a decision to do what will benefit us.

Please allow me to share a personal story to let you know I think I know exactly what you are feeling right now...

I wanted to add Yoga to my exercise routine, I looked online at different places knowing I wanted to try it out. It actually took me over a year (maybe longer) to take action and sign up for my first YOGA class...I know many of you reading this will be in the same position I was in and I give you A LOT of credit because I know the courage it takes to MAKE THAT DECISION to even contact us about achieving your goals.. even whent we both know this is what YOU need. 

I personally want to let you know that I am aware of these fears and I have DESIGNED a fitness kickboxing program and martial arts school that will make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in.

There is no instructor barking commands at you, there is no one pressuring you to sign up, and there is no one who is going to judge you (except for the fact we already know your awesome because you are making the decision to better yourself).

I believe my clients need to FEEL COMFORTABLE, HAVE FUN, AND ENJOY COMING TO OUR SCHOOL - and that's the aim of every class we teach!

I want you to know that if you do apply to join our school that my instructors and I are committed to making this a FUN experience for YOU!

Looking forward to seeing you in class!
Marc Bochner, DPT
Join a Host Of Our Satisfied Clients and Finally Achieve All Your Fitness Goals. 
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  • Customized Training To Match Your Goals
  • One on One Instruction
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  •  Personalized Goal Setting
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  • May Achieve Fitness Results Even Faster
Your Fitness Kickboxing Trainers

Dr. Marc Bochner
Doctor of Physical Therapy (URI 2009)

Marc Bochner has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island, and is a well-respected martial arts instructor. Bochner has successfully combined his knowledge of the Martial Arts, Physical Therapy, and Physical Fitness to create a unique, fun, and effective fitness program called Bochner's Body Therapy: Fitness Kickboxing Class

Cindy Howard
ACE Certified, Kickboxing Trainer 

Cindy Howard is our main Body Therapy Kickboxing Instructor. A mother of two, Cindy started her journey of fitness in 2014 that led her to lose 50 lbs in 18 months! Cindy started as one of our kickboxing students, and is now our main trainer for group classes and personal training sessions.
Our Kickboxers Say...
I love the support and positive energy during class. The bag work not only makes me stronger but also provides stress relief.
~Jenna I.
Bochner's Body Therapy is the BEST Exercise program I have ever done. You can tell the classes have been personally designed by Marc and based on tried and true principles of strengthening, balance and cardiovascular training.
- Gayle K.
Body Therapy has been amazing for me. I get a good workout, but I also get to clear my mind! It's a great feeling to want to go workout. It is as hard a workout as you want and/or need it to be. If you are beginning, you simply do the modified version of the exercises;
~Bethany B.
Each class is different, and the positive energy and mutual support is amazing. Come check it out!
~Aleah B.
The classes are a great compliment to my weekly work outs. Not to mention the stress relief of hitting a punching bag as hard as you want. Every class is a new challenge in its own unique way thanks to Marc.
~ Chris G.
I have been attending the Kickboxing classes and love it!!!  Marc & Cindy prepare an awesome class and everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcome.
~Sharron K.
Are You Ready...We Are Ready For You!
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