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Attention Women! Are YOU Tired Of Carrying That Excess Weight Around?

Learn How YOU Can Knockout Calories, Sculpt Sexier Curves, and Radiate More Confidence In 6 Weeks...Without Wasting Your Time And Money Being Unmotivated At The Gym!

(Even If You Tried Everything Else And They Failed!)

Megan Lost 70 lbs With Bochner's As Part Of Her Fitness Routine!

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Here Is The Challenge...

As A Society We Have Become So Sedentary And Unhealthy That We Forgot How To Get Healthy And Stay There.

Here Are The Real Facts...

If YOU Are Overweight Or Unhealthy YOU...

  May Never Get To See Your Grandkids Graduate High School

 Are More Likely To Spend Your Life-Savings On Increase Healthcare Costs Causing YOU To Never Go On That Dream Vacation.

 Are More Likely To Waste YOUR Time Going To Multiple Doctor's Appointments. 

 Are At Higher Risk For Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes, And Amputations.

 Are More Likely To Have Daily Joint And Muscle Pain That Stops YOU From Living Your Best Life.

 Are More Likely To Feel Insecure And Depressed So YOU Will Never Life Up To Your Full Potential.

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What Do Our Members Say About Us?
(160+ Reviews!)

Katie Says...

I’ve been impressed since the first day I walked through the door! The facility is clean, the instructors are motivating, and everyone is super friendly! 
Unlike commercial facilities where you’re treated like just another number/dollar $, I never felt pressure to sign a contract or “lock in a price.” 
When you run a program the right way, it sells itself, and that’s exactly why I joined!

Julie Says...

Not an intimidating atmosphere at all!
I encourage anyone at any level of fitness to at least try it! 

Michelle Says...

The workouts are fun, effective and will challenge you, but most of all, they are safe which is important to me because of knee replacements, back issues, etc. 

Christine Says...

I walked through Bochner's Kickboxing doors with little confidence and 6 six weeks later feel like a totally different person both physically and mentally. 
Make the commitment and I promise that you won't be disappointed!

Lauren Says...

Marc’s kickboxing classes are fantastic. 
Fun, effective and open to all levels. 
He and his staff are encouraging and helpful. 
Everyday he changes it up so there is no boring same old routines. 

Karen Says...

The people there are non judgemental and I love the classes.
This is my third week. I can feel a change in my arms and I have more stamina. I love this place

Michael Says...

Today, after my 5-week challenge ended, I committed and signed up for a full year of Marc Bochner’s Body Therapy because in the past 5-weeks, I feel so much stronger, energetic, and just overall healthier.
Marc and his staff are supportive, accommodating, approachable, and friendly.
Why would I not want this feeling? It was a no brainer.
I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring for me and my health.
I know Marc and his staff will be by my side every step of the way, through the ups and the downs, as I reach for me goals!
If you’re like me and hate(d) exercise, consider joining Marc Bochner’s Body Therapy.

Dr. Marc Bochner, DPT

Marc Bochner has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island, and is a well-respected martial arts instructor. Bochner has successfully combined his knowledge of the Martial Arts, Physical Therapy, and Physical Fitness to create a unique, fun, and effective fitness program called Bochner's Body Therapy: Fitness Kickboxing Sessions!

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