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Karen Says...

Marc was very friendly and welcoming. He took the time to explain each move.

This is my third week. I can feel a change in my arms and I have more stamina.
I love this place

Rhiannon Says...

I love it here no cliques at all.

Everyone is genuinely really awesome so far.

Really down to earth.

Jenna Says...

Body Therapy is the first workout that I actually look forward to.

Marc is a great instructor and thanks to his Physical Therapy background he is extremely knowledgeable.

I love the support and positive energy during class.

The bag work not only makes me stronger but also provides stress relief.
Also, every class is unique so it never gets dull.

I highly recommend Body Therapy to people of all fitness and skill levels!

Christine Says...

I walked through Bochner's Kickboxing doors with little confidence and 6 six weeks later feel like a totally different person both physically and mentally.

I left that first class feeling great!

I see such a difference in my body composition and my mental well being!

The staff is so friendly and encouraging.

Modifications are always available and they always have encouraging words that push you to finish! There is no monotony in these classes.

It is always different and fun! You leave class with a great full body workout.

Make the commitment and I promise that you won't be disappointed!

Katy Says...

I’ve been impressed since the first day I walked through the door!

The facility is clean, the instructors are motivating, and everyone is super friendly!

Unlike commercial facilities where you’re treated like just another number/dollar $, I never felt pressure to sign a contract or “lock in a price.”

When you run a program the right way, it sells itself, and that’s exactly why I joined!

The classes are unique and fun; I actually look forward to exercising!

Marc listens to his customers, adds classes when there is demand, and is always looking for ways to engage the group and share his expertise.

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Dr. Marc Bochner, DPT

Meghan Lost 70 lbs Using Bochner's Body Therapy As Part Of Her Fitness Routine!

Here Is The Problem...

Today It Is So Common To Become Overweight And Unhealthy That We Forget This Is Not The Way Life Is Supposed to Be...

These Are The Facts...
If YOU Neglect Your Health You...

Are More Likely To Feel Insecure And Depressed So YOU Never Live Up To Your Full Potential.
May Never Get To See Your Grandkids Graduate High School.
​ Are More Likely To Spend Your Life-Savings On Increased Healthcare Costs.
​ More Likely To Waste Your Free Time At Multiple Doctor's Appointments.
​ Are At A Higher Risks For Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes, And Amputations.
​ Are More Likely To Have Daily Muscle And Joint Pain That Will Stop YOU From Living Your Best Life. 

My Personal Message To YOU

What Makes Bochner's Unique?

Created by doctor of physical therapy and black belt martial artists to give clients a fun and result driven workout.
1:1 accountability coach so you can stay on track with weekly communications.
Nutritional guidance and meal planning so you can make better decisions with food.
In studio, on demand, and live stream fitness kickboxing sessions so you can workout whenever and wherever!
30 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not enjoying your experience with us!
Our program is created by a doctor of physical therapy and black belt martial artist to give clients a fun and results driven workout.
1:1 accountability coach so you can stay on track with weekly communications.
Nutritional guidance and meal planning so you can make healthier food choices.
30 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our awesome program!

What Do Our Members Say About Us?

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