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Bochner's Has Over 150 Five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews
Dr. Marc Bochner's Body Therapy
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Bochner's Has Over 150 Five Star Reviews!

Katie Says...

I’ve been impressed since the first day I walked through the door! The facility is clean, the instructors are motivating, and everyone is super friendly! 

Unlike commercial facilities where you’re treated like just another number/dollar $, I never felt pressure to sign a contract or “lock in a price.” 

When you run a program the right way, it sells itself, and that’s exactly why I joined!

The classes are unique and fun; I actually look forward to exercising! 

Marc listens to his customers, adds classes when there is demand, and is always looking for ways to engage the group and share his expertise.

Michelle Says...

I LOVE Bochner’s.!! If you are looking for a fun, friendly, non judgmental place to workout, this is it! I felt welcomed and part of the “family” from day one. 

The workouts are fun, effective and will challenge you, but most of all, they are safe which is important to me because of knee replacements, back issues, etc. 

Marc has a background in Martial Arts and Physical Therapy which shows in each workout. Take a class, you’ll be hooked 🥊💪

Christine Says...

I joined Bochner's Kickboxing classes when I saw their 6 week challenge on Facebook. I was one to never stick to any type of workout for more than 2 weeks. I was one of the tread mill troops, always hiding in the back of the gym. 

I was afraid to come out and use other equipment and look stupid. 

I walked through Bochner's Kickboxing doors with little confidence and 6 six weeks later feel like a totally different person both physically and mentally. 

I left that first class feeling great! I see such a difference in my body composition and my mental well being! 

The staff is so friendly and encouraging. 

Modifications are always available and they always have encouraging words that push you to finish! There is no monotony in these classes.

It is always different and fun! You leave class with a great full body workout. 

Make the commitment and I promise that you won't be disappointed!

Lauren Says...

Marc’s kickboxing classes are fantastic. 

Fun, effective and open to all levels. 

He and his staff are encouraging and helpful. 

Everyday he changes it up so there is no boring same old routines. 

Great group of people. Lots of different times to fit any schedule.

Karen Says...

I walked into my first class totally clueless. Marc was very friendly and welcoming. 

He took the time to explain each move. 

The people there are non judgemental and I love the classes.

This is my third week. I can feel a change in my arms and I have more stamina. 

I love this place

Michael Says...

Today, after my 5-week challenge ended, I committed and signed up for a full year of Marc Bochner’s Body Therapy because in the past 5-weeks, I feel so much stronger, energetic, and just overall healthier.

Marc and his staff are supportive, accommodating, approachable, and friendly.

Why would I not want this feeling? It was a no brainer.

I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring for me and my health.

I know Marc and his staff will be by my side every step of the way, through the ups and the downs, as I reach for me goals!

If you’re like me and hate(d) exercise, consider joining Marc Bochner’s Body Therapy.
You won’t be sorry!

Dr. Marc Bochner, DPT

Marc Bochner has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island, and is a well-respected martial arts instructor. Bochner has successfully combined his knowledge of the Martial Arts, Physical Therapy, and Physical Fitness to create a unique, fun, and effective fitness program called Bochner's Body Therapy: Fitness Kickboxing Sessions!

Bochner's Body Therapy:Fitness Kickboxing Sessions 855 Dyer Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910   401-943-4100